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Maxi 68 is a sailboat made in about 1250 copies between 1976 and 1981. “68” stands for the length in dm, ie 6.8 meters and is thus the smallest Maxi boat. Manufacturer was Erje Produkter AB in Mariestad, later Mölnlycke Marin AB. Hull and tires are in fiberglass-reinforced plastic where the tire has a sandwich construction. The keel is made of iron, weighs 650 kg and is a fin keel. The stern is straight and the rudder is surface-mounted. It has four bunks and a small kitchenette with pull-out kitchen counter. Salon and forepeak are separated by shoots. Place for toilet under the cushions in the forepeak. The rig is of the partial type (7/8-part) and was initially equipped with a rig designed by Pelle Petterson (black anodized), but was later replaced by a standard rig (silver anodized) from Seldén. Maxi 68 is approved by the Swedish Maritime Administration (blue sign) from number 276 onwards.

The boat has an outboard of max 7 kW (approx. 10 hp).

maxi 68 sailboat



Marsh speed5.0 knEngine power outboard7 kW
Top speed (engine)6.5 knOutboard

Rig (excl. Sail)

Mast Height8.5 mRig7/8


The length of the boom2500 mmJib11 m²
Genoa15 m²The length of the mast7500 mm
Spinnaker39 m²Stormfock5 m²
Mainsail10 m²Mainsail aft7880 mm
Stretch tires to mast top7300 mm


Number manufactured1200Width2.4 m
Displacement1350 kgDepth1.28 m
berths4ContractorPelle Petterson
Keel weight650 kgLength in water line (L.v.l.)5.95 m
Length over all (L.ö.a.)6.8 mCover bowsprit in deck to front edge mast2.67 mm
Year of manufacture1976-1981


Maxi 68 brochure

Maritime Guide

maxi 68

I have sailed many summers with Maxi 68, and I must say that still have not tired of the model. Sure, I get sailed from time to time, but something safer in a bit hard winds is hard to find. A Maxi 68 has actually won Tjörn around, but then with a larger rig. The Maxi 68 takes the sea impressively well thanks to its round hull shape. I do not know if it is due to the hull shape, but there are actually Maxi 68s that have sailed to the Pacific Ocean, and all the way up to Lofoten.

There are some things to keep in mind if you are considering buying a Maxi 68, I would probably choose a later model. Namely, there are differences in interior and hull on older and younger Maxi 68s. For example, the depth of the cockpit differs. On my Maxi 68, which has the older hull, you often have to sit on skarn decks to get really good visibility. If you have small children, however, there are advantages to the deep variant, as the children are a little more protected with the deep cockpit. The latter boats should also have a better quality according to expertise, however, I have not noticed any shortcomings in mine, which is certainly a hybrid. My boat is equipped with the new interior and the old hull.

As an example of the quality is pretty good on the Maxi 68, I can tell you that my new Yamarin Big Fish turned yellow in the plastic after only 1 year. If I place my 4-year-old Yamarin next to the over 15-year-old Maxin, the Yamarin looks to be the oldest, with its ugly yellowing plastic. However, there are some weak points, bad rudder blades even leaking windows.

maxi 68

The ventilation is substandard in the Maxi 68, whatever is said in brochures, the boat needs two extra fans, otherwise you get problems with moisture, especially if you sleep four people in it. Four adults can sleep in the Maxi 68, but then it gets a little crowded.

On my Maxi 68 there is an Evinrude Sail 9.9HP, an excellent engine, but a bit heavy, the advantage is that you can be pretty tough when quiet. A slightly lighter engine is preferable, if you do not intend to use the boat as a motor sailor.

Maxi 68 was type approved in 1977 (from boat no. 267). In some brochures, the Maxi 68’s displacement is said to be 1350 kilos, this is incorrect. All non-owner modified Maxi 68s weigh at least 1550 kg.

Maxi 68 is probably one of the best beginner boats you can buy, easy to sail, not difficult to maintain and has very nice spaces, at the same time at a low price.

A book tip for those of you who are interested in Maxi 68 is Åke Mattsson’s book Vagabond till Lofoten. In the book, the reader gets to follow Åke Mattsson and his Maxi 68 during the 3282 nautical mile journey from Roslagen to Lofoten and then back home again. The book has ISBN 91-1-873112-0 and is published by Nordstedt’s publishers.

Maxi 70
In 1982, two or one Maxi 70 was built. It is said to have a higher mast (10m) and a different keel. Maxi 70 is easy to recognize as it has a yellow line instead of the usual blue or red. (Thanks Magnus!)

maxi 68

Long awaited by many. Mentioned by even more, Maxi 68. The boat that we think suits all sailing interest people. Both those who want a boat to learn to sail in and those who have already gained experience and a sailing feeling inside the life jacket. Both for families and solo sailors.
Pelle Petterson has put a lot of work into producing a good boat, Utilizing his knowledge as a boat designer and racing sailor. And he has done so for one reason only.
We at Pelle Petterson ab do not want to release a boat model without it working flawlessly. That it meets people’s expectations. Both the beginner and the sailor.
We have sat for many hours with our foreheads folded. Made countless test sails. Careful testing. Compared. controlled, improved, rebuilt.
Because there is so much that must be true. It should be the right size of cockpit and cabin. The right shape of the keel and hull, It should be the right comfort on board. Correct sailing characteristics. And the right price.


Think, there are those who believe that sailing, is difficult, enormously expensive and on the whole unattainable, favored only by some. It’s wrong! Everyone can sail and have the opportunity to sail. All that is needed is a portion of common sense. Rules and navigation at sea you can learn! But to take it all from MAXI 68 IS STILL.

The design of the hull and the weight of the keel give the Maxi 68 good course stability, even if it blows a bit. In addition, it sways insignificantly at wave surges, which has its good sides. Especially on the net theme when whispering.


On Maxi 68 there are two sails to keep track of. Foresail and mainsail. At least while you are a beginner. But these sails are no bigger than you can handle them by hand. And to make it even easier for them, you have the winches to help.


You are constantly busy with something. Shoot the sails, for example. Or check the winds. Or keep an eye out for dots. Sola. Look at the sea, islands and cobs. And you avoid annoying engine noise. Just glides forward quietly and calmly with the wind 1.01p. But that does not mean that part needs to go slowly. Maxi 68 is fast sailing and can go as fast as many motorboats. The design of the foreship gives the Maxi 68 a smooth ride in the lake and you avoid splashes over the cockpit.


Admittedly, it can Iuta some. It is mostly when crossing against the wind. But it can never tip over.
Half the weight is in the keel underwater. And together with the boat’s wide construction, it always strives to keep Maxi upright. Another thing. The more a boat tilts, the less wind hits the sails and the boat slows down. So if you want to get there quickly, you make sure everything the boat goes upright. It does this by reducing the sail area in March. Either you set a smaller sail or drop on the bulkhead.


A reasonably large boat like the Maxi 68 is agile and easy to maneuver next to piers and in narrow ports. In addition, it is not too heavy. Which means that the living force is small. It does not matter much if you were to get towards the bridge at a little too high a speed.


In a Maxi 68, you do not have to worry about the ventilation on board. It takes care of the ventilation system. And some work according to the “principle of the Little Wall”. An exhaust valve handles both air exchange and drying, even if the doors are closed. Under the benches there are two solid, legible storage drawers. Even an outboard engine can fit here. Of course, the cockpit is self-draining and from the tiller you can reach all the ropes and winches. Good if you sail alone.


The biggest expense is certainly the purchase. Still, no huge koniani efforts are needed to become the owner of a Maxi 68, Nice installment terms, Low in terms of price. A real resale value. That is the reason why Maxi 68 is so in demand. If it is not for our high boat quality. And that the wind is free.

maxi 68
  1. When you look down in the saloon, you will probably be surprised by the reasonableness under the deck. We do not live to find a more spacious boat in the same price range. They are due, among other things, to the fact that the tire is extended to the sides of the hull. On the one hand, it behaves nicely and on the other hand, it becomes comfortable to lean on. The table does not disturb the space. Much thanks to the fact that it is collapsible.
  2. The kitchenette is large, with pull-out bench, with a shelf above the kitchen and plate rack behind. And a bel compartment underneath for cutlery and other things.
maxi 68
  1. In the forepeak there are bunks with plenty of space for two adults. Here it is also possible to use a toilet. And at the front there is a wardrobe and a shelf.
  2. The folding table is also excellent as a navigation table. Here you can spread out the charts and plan your sailing.
  3. We have made every effort to utilize all angles and nooks and crannies. Just look at the ingeniously placed wardrobe, or at all the shelves and the place of the cooler bag under the stairs. Under the bunks there are large storage compartments. Thanks to them, it becomes easier to keep track of things.
  4. Sufficiently large and deep cockpit provides space for at least five people. You sit high with a good view, but still protected behind high edges.

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Maxi 68 for sale

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  1. I recently got a maxi 68, (there was a couple that wanted to get rid of it). It’s my first boat and it did not come with an out order, i was wondering can you use a short rigg on the motor or does it have to be a long one?
    I am currently working on removing some old paint and applying new pain soon. Hopefully taking it out in the summer 🙂

  2. Nice blog! I have a question: what are the sizes of the bunks/couches in the cabin? I am 1m94cm. I can’t find it anywhere on the internet. Thanks.

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