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Maxi 84 Sailboat

maxi 84

Maxi 84 was manufactured between 1977 and 1982 in about 1,350 copies. She was manufactured by Erje Produkter in Mariestad. Looks like all other boats in Maxi’s 1970s family, ie no superstructure. She was available in two designs; one normal and one with high rig, hence the double data regarding sail area and light. Normal rig, however, is the most common option. Similar in its appearance to the 68 despite its extra 1.6 meters. However, […]

Maxi 68 Sailboat

maxi 68

Maxi 68 is a sailboat made in about 1250 copies between 1976 and 1981. “68” stands for the length in dm, ie 6.8 meters and is thus the smallest Maxi boat. Manufacturer was Erje Produkter AB in Mariestad, later Mölnlycke Marin AB. Hull and tires are in fiberglass-reinforced plastic where the tire has a sandwich construction. The keel is made of iron, weighs 650 kg and is a fin keel. The stern is straight and […]

Maxi 95 Sailboat

maxi 95

Maxi 95 was presented in 1974 and manufactured until 1982. It was manufactured by Erje Produkter in Mariestad. In total, around 1,600 copies were produced. Maxi 95 became very popular thanks to its large cockpit and its enormous interior spaces. In 1982, the Maxi 100 was introduced, which is the successor to the Maxi 95. Maxi 95 has been sold reworked under several names. Maxi 100 and Maxi 100 PS are motorsail variants of Maxi 95. […]