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Maxi 84 was manufactured between 1977 and 1982 in about 1,350 copies. She was manufactured by Erje Produkter in Mariestad. Looks like all other boats in Maxi’s 1970s family, ie no superstructure. She was available in two designs; one normal and one with high rig, hence the double data regarding sail area and light. Normal rig, however, is the most common option.

Similar in its appearance to the 68 despite its extra 1.6 meters. However, they can be separated in places. Look at the rigging – the Maxi 84 is masthead rigged, the Maxi 68 has a 7/8 part rig. If the boat does not have a sail set, check if an outboard protrudes in the stern, if this is the case then it is most likely a Maxi 68 and not an 84th

Maxi 84 has been manufactured with two rigs.

The Maxi 84 has four wide berths plus a knitting berth. Ceiling height in kitchenette 1.84 m, at the table 1.81.

Båtnytt described the boat in the article “Favorites’ meeting Albin Cumulus against Maxi 84” as “Solid, straight and tidy can sum up Maxi 84. Steady to sail with stable contact through the rudder. Good final rigidity guarantees powerful gait in the sea. However, full shapes make it stompy. The value stands well “in the final impression. The article can be found in Båtnytt no. 3, 1997.

maxi 84



InboardMD7A / 110SEngine power9.6 kW

Rig (excl. Sail)

Mast length10.3 mRigMasthead


Boom body length2800 mmJib16 m²
Genoa I28 m²Genoa II23 m²
Mast body length8900 mmSpinnaker60 m²
Stormfock7 m²Mainsail13 m²
Stretch tires to mast top10350 mm


Number of manufactured1350Displacement3000 (3600?) Kg
Draft1.50 (1.60?) mBerths5
ContractorPelle PettersonKeel weight1350 kg
Length in water line (L.v.l.)7.20 (7.30?) mLength over all (L.ö.a.)8.4 m
Cover front struts in tires to front edge mast3450 mmYear of manufacture1977-1983

Standard equipment

Fuel tank34 lFresh water tank90 l
Icebox57 l

Runaway success

The 1977 Maxi 84 (8.5m/28ft) was another runaway success, and around 1,350 were built. The Petterson Maxi recipe evolved with a slightly wider beam (2.9m/9ft 8in), slightly lower ballast ratio (37.5%) and more substantial DLR (268). The layout remained practical and traditional with amidships heads and L-shaped galley aft. A Volvo saildrive provides powered push, and it remains a marvellous cruiser to this day.

A subscriber to an online forum recently asked: ‘I’m looking at a Maxi 84 which seems well specc’d and is a good price. Has anyone any experience of these boats? We are looking for something that will go well round the cans but will also cope with west of Scotland cruising.’ One respondent replied:
‘I have had two 84s, one in the UK and now another in Norway. It’s a safe family boat: good in a blow, easily sailed single-handed and with lots of room inside.
‘Fast? Yes, if you sail it right. I’ve had 7, 8 and even 9 knots both up and downwind and won handicap regattas! The latest win was last year. Total ownership is more than 20 years.’

Another sailor replied:
‘The Maxi 84 is about as close to the ideal boat for the uses you describe in terms of pleasure per buck spent. Not the fastest in light airs, but it’s competitive in moderate winds upwards. If there’s a good No3 with the boat that can be sheeted inside the shrouds, it will point really well in a blow and little can touch it. The windward performance is useful and the boat will keep you out of trouble due to its stiffness. Like all boats, some will have issues, so caveat emptor applies!’
This particularly applies to elderly Volvo diesels. Spare parts can be expensive.

maxi 84

Maxi 84 owner Alan Jeans says:
‘I’ve owned my 84 Snowgoose for about six years. I have cruised extensively in the Clyde, the east coast of Ireland, the Irish Sea and North Channel including Rathlin Island, and up the west coast of Scotland as far as Tobermory. I bought the Maxi because I was really impressed with the build quality, the space inside and the sailing abilities. I would happily recommend Maxis to anyone considering purchasing a boat – especially an older one – as they are so well built.’
By the time the 84 was built, Maxis were also gaining popularity for charter in the Med. Those were the days when boats around 30ft were the norm rather than the exception in flotilla fleets. Popular charter company Sailing Holidays Ltd – winners of The British Travel Awards 2014 ‘Best Holidays

The best of maxi 84

Kitchenette to be proud of

maxi 84

The 84 is a boat to hang out in both outside and inside. We are proud of the kitchenette on board and the guests are happy.
Two-level kitchen with protection of flameproof material. 57-liter ice box and stainless steel sink with foot-operated water pump. 90 liter fresh water tank.
As you can see, there is plenty of storage space and storage space, spacious drawers and cabinets.

Table set you!

The spacious table with plenty of space for six people is within easy reach of the kitchenette Folded down, the table opens a wide passage to the forepeak, wardrobe and toilet space.

maxi 84

When night comes

The comfortable seating around the dining table holds two wide berths plus a knitting berth opposite the kitchenette.
The cushions’ upholstery has zippers and are easy to remove and wash.

Private bedroom

In the separated forepeak there are two more berths. And lots of practical storage space.

Place for garments

The forepeak is bounded on the port side by a spacious wardrobe with plenty of space for all the garments you need on board. On the starboard side is the toilet and laundry room.

With heart on the door

The spacious toilet and laundry room are examples of what practical interior design in every detail means. The washbasin is pulled out with a simple touch. Of course, fresh water pump that is foot operated.

As you sit, you get to sail

maxi 84

There is plenty of space in the spacious, self-draining cockpit in the 84. And under the benches are two large, ventilated stowage compartments. The boom is so high that no one has to crouch when hitting or jerking. The position of the rudder on the transom makes the boat easy to maneuver, in addition, the tiller does not interfere with the space in the cockpit.
The edging is just high enough so that you all sit comfortably, but do not miss the contact with the lake. Those who want to sail a little sportier sit nicely on the wide rim edge. The powerful tapping list (as on all Maxi boats) is practical when adding, for example.

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